The Celebration of a New Beginning

And here I am, after the last 18 months. And after tonight, I feel a sense of relief. And what I now see is that all the drama is over, finally.

And at last, there is freedom. And finally, after 18 months, I can relax.

At last I can move on with no fear and no looking over my shoulder. No worries or wonder. And that is a lot to gain.

And so I go forth, a little more cautious, but hopeful. Life is ahead of me, Peace in my heart, relief on my mind and a sense of excitement that has not been felt for quite a long time. Life awaits…

And with the start of this blog, tehre is a celebration of a new beginning. Of life, of wonder, of smiles, of love, of everything. and I move forward also knowing my worth and that anyone worth my time and energy will know it too.

Pop open a bottle of chapagne, because my life is back. Oh, how I have missed you.


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