The Trip of a Lifetime

We all have them, a trip that turns out to be the trip of a lifetime. We memories are made and a new view on life is unleashed. This past weekend was that trip for me. Now I have had trips to remoste tropical islands, great cities and had wonderful adventures. But this is one of the best trips. It was the tip of a lifetime.

The trip was to Chicago with my mother. We have always had a good time when traveling together, whether she was driving me to Atlanta or to Boca Raton for classes when I was younger, to short trips across town. But this was different.

This was her being there just for me. My dad came up to watch my cats – and he is not a cat person. My Mom traveled with me, with a bad back, a bad hip and a hate for cold tempuratures. She traveled with me to a very cold city in a blizzard.

And as we walked across the snow and ice, in the middle of a blizzard, we talked about life, love, the past, the present and the future. We talked of friends, family, possibilites, failures, triumps and everything in between.

She was there with me during one of the hardest days on Friday. And then, afterwards, when it was late and I finally fell asleep, she stayed up and made sure I had no bad dreams as I been having, that I did not get cold or wake up shaking. She stayed up almosts all night, until she was sure that I was sleeping peacefully and truly got rest.

And I am so very lucky and blessed. To have a mother like that, who will truly be there for you no matter what. And a Dad who would watch over my cats, when he is not a cat person. I have so much more than most, but sometimes, it is easy to forget our blessings. Sometimes it is easy to miss the forest for the trees in front of us.

So take a look around, at those who have done things for you, those who have cared for you even when you did not deserve it, those who have supported you, those who have been brave enough to tell you when you where wrong or out of line even. Because they are the ones who will be there for you through anything. Those are the people who will love you no matter whoat, no matter your faults, and stick with you through you dark days and share in the celebration of your best days. But you must first look around and recognize them.

And when you do see them, tell them you love them and that your appreciate them. That is something you never get tired of hearing.

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