The Best Ex’s

Tonight I recieved a call from a very dear friend, who also happens to be on ex-boyfriend. He and I dated over 6years ago and he is a great man and has been a great friend. He was in the area and wanted to catch up over a beer. I said yes.

The next 2 hours were spent catching up, laughing and talking about what had been going on (lots to talk about there). I had to leave because dinner was being cooked for me somewhere else, but it was wonderful to see him.

This is is my New Years Eve Buddy – we have a tradition that if we are not dating anyone, we celebrate the New Year together. I come over and he grills lamb and makes his amazing shitaki mushrooms. Then a delicious dessert and lots of wine and champange. And the best part of the evening? The fact that we wear our worst, most ugly, mosts horrible pajamas. The first year we did this, I wore some flannel pajamas patterned with large yellow goldfish with Big blue eyes and red lips. The outfit was only complete when I wore my big fuzzy fish slippers (think fuzzy bunny slippers, only fish). Oh yes, I was too sexy.

In my life, I have dated some of the most wonderful men. They have been a blessing to my life, and most have remained very good friends. He, in particular, has been a wonderful friend and solid confidant. He has supported me when things were rough, kept my secrets and confessions, and explained sports to me with endless patience.

And it started me thinking, with the exception of one, maybe two men, I have the best ex’s. Most of them were great guys it with whom it just didn’t work out. But they have all had integrity and honor. They have all been kind and compassionate. And they were all very good to me. I have been blessed to have them in my life and to have most of them as friends still.


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