Holy Family Batman!

There are times in life that just take you by surprise. This past week was that for both my sister and me. My sister was downsized from her job this week. She has 3 kids, two of which are in collage. Ouch. And the city where she lives has no job market. Double ouch. So, she is moving up and moving in with me. Tomorrow.  So is my oldest nephew. She will look for a job here, and no doubt find one quickly.

She great at what she does. But she is not so great at selling herself. So I re did her resume (because as a writer, that is part of what I do for free for my friends and family).

This is extremely exciting, but also a bit scary. I have never been the head of a household. I have only lived with one other person who i was going to marry and have been on my own for 20 years. Living alone. I am hoping I know how to live with two other people. I hope I al good at it. Living with my boyfriend, as I did once, is very different than having roommate, who are family.

So, we are all going to be a great little family, the three of us. The spare bedroom has a new comforter set for her, as that will be her room. The office will be turned into my nephew’s room. And this is so exciting to plan making my home comfortable and warm for them. There will be home cooked meals, hot cups of tea, laughter around the coffee table, TV shows watched and discussed and memories made.

But still I hope I am a good host. I hope they feel welcome and wanted, with soft towels and clean sheets.


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