Sitcom Moment #4,287: A Car Ride with Sheldon and Leonard

We all have those moments in life where we swear this cannot be real life, and that we are actually caught in a sitcom. Because if we were to see this situation play out on TV, we would laughing hystirically. This is my life. Constantly.

The most recent example was this weekend when riding back home with my sister and oldest nephew, both os which have genuus IQ’s.  They are both into computers, anumie, science and other such things. I am usually very quiet when the two of them are the room. And they started talking about something concerning computers…and how a man (who is rather well known in their circles but i cannot remember his name) got mad at Sprint and wrote them a check…out in a hugely complicated mathematical equation.

And they started to argue…

About whether or not the check written out in a very complicated mathematical equation had intigrals in it or not (I a m not even sure if that is spelled correctly).  A very serious discussion took place.

If I had not been driving I would have fallen asleep.

I think I should start introducing myself as Penny.


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