Turn About is Fair Play

There is an old English proverb that states: turnabout is fair play. It is allowable to retaliate against an enemy’s dirty tricks by using the same ones against him.

When it comes to being a single woman, I have no idea why men have such a hard time accepting this as fact. For instance, my most recent ex is very hurt and jealous right now. When we were together, he was ‘with” other women. And he expected me to not only calmly accpet it, but also accept the fact that this was acceptable and that it would continue.

Except that I am a one man kind of women and expect the same in any man with whom I date. Needless to say that is why we are ex’s.

His problem is that now I am in a committed relationship, and he is very jealous and hurt by this. While I am truly sorry that he is hurt – hurting him is honesty the last thing on my mind or that I am interested in – I do have to say that he deserves it. at least I waited until AFter were broke up to find someone else. Honestly he should be thanking me that I was more faithful to him than he was to me. Inastead he is pitching a fit and refusing to give help when and where it is needed.

If he can’t take it he shouldn’t dish it out – and turn about is fair play.

Honestly, I would have stayed with my ex…if he had been able to keep his pants zipped. I cared for him deeply and loved many things about him. Except his inabilty to be faithful, and then his subsiquent attitude when confronted about such topics. I have a problem with that because his actions were all the result of conscious decisions. You cannot ever accidently fall and accidently have your penis in a woman’s vagina over and over. Each action, each woman, each time, was a conscieous decision on his part. While I made the conscieous decioun to l believe him when he said he loved me.

A co-worker of mine is going through the same thing. The man she is in love with is wonderful to her and her children. He is always there for them, gives them money for what they need and  is there for the kids at every game or activity. But he cannot be faithful and is always cheating on her. So she refuses to be involved with him romantically – but she is very willing to be friends. He, on the other hand, pitches a fit when she has a date.  Well, if you like her then you should have treated her better when you had the chance. If he was really serious about wanting her back, he would show her he could be trusted.

Guys, treat the woman with whom you are involved with respect. Just remember: Treat her like a queen and she will treat you like a king. Treat her like a game and she will show you how it’s played. And turn about is fair play.


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