How to Live Your Dream

Every day I wake up so excited because I am a writer. I actually get paid to write. Every day. Sometimes I want to pinch myself. I am living my dream, every day, and sometimes I want to pinch myself.

Many people have asked me how to live your dream and how I became a writer. First off, I kind of went at it backwards, but many great things in history have happened quite be accident. I have always been a writer, and I had been writing for over 25 years before I discovered I was a writer and could get paid for it. Like I said, I was a bit backwards.

And for the first time, I felt like I truly belonged. I had found my place in the world. Before that I had done radio, which was a lot of fuin and aI was great at it, but it didn’t quite fit. Then went to finance, which I was very good at and hated it. When I first got out of radion I tried administrative work. Not only did I hate it but I was terrible at it. I couldn’t do it. It was just too boring to sit and draw up a calander, or type a letter, or organize a filing cabinet. and I just could not see doing any of these thigns for the rest of my life. The came writing. And I will nevr do anything else again.

To live your dream, first you have to know what your dream is, what your passion is. There are so manby books that tell you about this, how to find it and blah, blah, blah. It’s very simple – what gets you excited? What are you passionate about, believe in and could do for the rest of your life?  And I don’t mean playing video games all doy. I mean, what do you really love doing?

Today at lunmch some friends of mine and I were talking about kids in college. All of them were parents, except me, but I have my nephews, so I a Parent 0.5. We talked about how important it is to support your kids inthe career they have choosen. One man had three daughters and they all have decided to be music majors. So they have driving and flown all over the country with their girls for auditions to colleges. Another parent had a child who wanted to be an art major. So they were in the process of putting together a portfolio for him to submit to the colleges of his choice. And as the list went on, it was wonderful to see that these parents were not concerned about anything but their childrens happiness in following hteir dreams.

None of these parents criticixed the kids for not choosing a major that was “profitable” or would lead to a lot of many. They told their children, follow your dreams and we will support you. As a writer, I appreciate that outlook. I have known parents who didn;t like their childrens major and pulled the plug on financing. They were paying for it so they had a say in what their childs dream should be. Ever watch the move October Sky? If not you should. How many parents ruin the relationship with their children because their children will not be controlled like that and follow their dreams instead of their parents wishes?

So support your children in whatever their dreams may be. They may not make the most noeny int he world, but at least they can be happy. and really, what more could we wish for our children than for them to be happy? There are many people who are veyr wealthy, who have great lucrative careers, but who are miserable.

Follow your dreams and your passion, no matter what. No matter who does ot does not agree with it. No matter who supoorts you or not. Then work hard, I mean have a sick work ethic when it comes to your dream. Do not accept no as an answer when you are following that dream. If Stephen King accepted every no he got before he finally found someone interested in his writing…we would never have heard of Stephen King. And do whatever you have to do to make that dream come true.

With hard work, determination, perseverance and lots of luck, you can it, whatever it is. It won’t be easy, but wnything worth having is worth fighting for.

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