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How far have You Travelled?

How far have you traveled?

Miles and miles and miles, Uncountable miles in the last year

I have traveled thousands of tear drops down these cheeks.

I have traveled millions of heartbeats around the universe.

I have traveled in dreams, nightmares, hopes and fears.

I have traveled countless breathes in this world, thinking of you.

I have traveled in cars, planes, trains, bikes, motorcycles and my own two feet in the past twelve months.

There have been miles and miles of smiles given, taken, stolen and hidden.

There have been oceans of thoughts in which to get lost, Across the galaxies of time.

From January to December and back again, there have been light years traveled in between raindrops.

In storms of emotion, a thousand ships launched, to find that safe harbor in my heart.

Hauntings and yearnings, longings and secrets kept, never even whispered in the darkest of the nighty.

There have been hundreds of miles of you explored in my mind, as thoughts race through endless nerves in my body.

There have been words written and stories read, upon pages and pages of paper.

From day 1 to day 365, there are trails of skins that have been shed, layers that have been peeled away, pieces of my heart that line the littered sidewalks of my memory.

There have been curse words and blessings uttered, prayers prayed and deals made.

Miles of laughter and promises, kept and broken.

Endless seas in which I was lost, ice storms where I found my way.

I have visited galaxies of lust, love, truth and lies in twelve months time.

And I have seen the the universes of trust, patience, hurt and confusion.

I have walked, bare foot, single hearted, upon the hot sands of your heart, leaving my footprints behind.

There were paths explored, caves overturned, mountains turned around.

I have climbed over doubts, run though dams of frustration, dug under surprises to find the root of it all.

I have been proud, ashamed, honored, trusted, betrayed, hated, loved, feared and wanted.

Wars fought, secrets kept, battles won, and tears wept.

All the while the ebb and flow of life and the moon followed by the heart and soul of one year.

Just one year.

How far have you traveled?

I have traveled a lifetime. That is how far I have come.


Sushi and iPhones

We all have those times in life that are just sweet and good. This is one of those times for me. It is just a very sweet time in my life. My sister is here and life in general is very good.

so tonight was an adventure. Our new iPhones came in today. This may not seem significant, but for a very technically advanced Die hard Android user ( my sister) and a very non technical can barely use my android much less an iPhone person (that would be me) it was going to be an interesting experience to say the least. 5.5 hours later, I think we might have a handle on these iThings.

But before we iLearned the iPhone, it was off to a sushi dinner. It’s been a while since I dropped that much food…se of it even made it to my mouth. Let’s just say that clay women and chop stocks just don’t go together. At all. I am sure it was very entertaining for the other customers to watch as my sister – who is very crafty in the use of such sticks, and me, the woman just trying not to drop anymore food down her shirt.

After dinner there was the search for the Otterboxes (?) for the iPhones. We did not find the covers, but we did manage to find a vacuum cleaner, a water filtration system and an alarm clock all on sale. And you know the rule- if it’s on sale then this skinny girl has to buy it. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day for finding the protective covers. I have has the phone for less than 4 hours before I noticed some large scratches were I had already managed to drop it several times. It’s a talent.

But I have noticed something over the last few days that I had forgotten for many years. I love having someone else in the house. I love coming home to another person, and not an empty home. I love hearing another person around the house. And I love the company.

Many assume that just because I have lived alone on my own for so long, that I must like it, like being by myself. That is not really the case. I can be alone and not be lonely, I can enjoy my own company and have a good life. But the truth be told, I am the happiest when sharing my home with another

I had not realized how much I have missed it until now. My sister is thankful because I am helping her by letting her stay here, but she is actually helping me.

How to Live Your Dream

Every day I wake up so excited because I am a writer. I actually get paid to write. Every day. Sometimes I want to pinch myself. I am living my dream, every day, and sometimes I want to pinch myself.

Many people have asked me how to live your dream and how I became a writer. First off, I kind of went at it backwards, but many great things in history have happened quite be accident. I have always been a writer, and I had been writing for over 25 years before I discovered I was a writer and could get paid for it. Like I said, I was a bit backwards.

And for the first time, I felt like I truly belonged. I had found my place in the world. Before that I had done radio, which was a lot of fuin and aI was great at it, but it didn’t quite fit. Then went to finance, which I was very good at and hated it. When I first got out of radion I tried administrative work. Not only did I hate it but I was terrible at it. I couldn’t do it. It was just too boring to sit and draw up a calander, or type a letter, or organize a filing cabinet. and I just could not see doing any of these thigns for the rest of my life. The came writing. And I will nevr do anything else again.

To live your dream, first you have to know what your dream is, what your passion is. There are so manby books that tell you about this, how to find it and blah, blah, blah. It’s very simple – what gets you excited? What are you passionate about, believe in and could do for the rest of your life?  And I don’t mean playing video games all doy. I mean, what do you really love doing?

Today at lunmch some friends of mine and I were talking about kids in college. All of them were parents, except me, but I have my nephews, so I a Parent 0.5. We talked about how important it is to support your kids inthe career they have choosen. One man had three daughters and they all have decided to be music majors. So they have driving and flown all over the country with their girls for auditions to colleges. Another parent had a child who wanted to be an art major. So they were in the process of putting together a portfolio for him to submit to the colleges of his choice. And as the list went on, it was wonderful to see that these parents were not concerned about anything but their childrens happiness in following hteir dreams.

None of these parents criticixed the kids for not choosing a major that was “profitable” or would lead to a lot of many. They told their children, follow your dreams and we will support you. As a writer, I appreciate that outlook. I have known parents who didn;t like their childrens major and pulled the plug on financing. They were paying for it so they had a say in what their childs dream should be. Ever watch the move October Sky? If not you should. How many parents ruin the relationship with their children because their children will not be controlled like that and follow their dreams instead of their parents wishes?

So support your children in whatever their dreams may be. They may not make the most noeny int he world, but at least they can be happy. and really, what more could we wish for our children than for them to be happy? There are many people who are veyr wealthy, who have great lucrative careers, but who are miserable.

Follow your dreams and your passion, no matter what. No matter who does ot does not agree with it. No matter who supoorts you or not. Then work hard, I mean have a sick work ethic when it comes to your dream. Do not accept no as an answer when you are following that dream. If Stephen King accepted every no he got before he finally found someone interested in his writing…we would never have heard of Stephen King. And do whatever you have to do to make that dream come true.

With hard work, determination, perseverance and lots of luck, you can it, whatever it is. It won’t be easy, but wnything worth having is worth fighting for.

Helping Friends Get Published – Pay it Forward

When you are blessed, lucky, fortunate, I believe you should “pay it forward.” You must give back.

No matter what we do, how old we are or what our circumstances, we can always help someone else. Doing random acts of kindness has long been said to not only help others, but ourselves as well. There are many benefits including making us feel better emotionally, boosting our immune system, helps us be less isolated, promotes goodwill and fosters friendships. It also keeps us humble in realizing just how lucky we are. Paying it forward also increases gratitude, both for the giver and reciever.

The famed sociologist Georg Simmel declared that gratitude is “the moral memory of mankind.” If every grateful action, he went on to say, were suddenly eliminated, society would crumble. It is part of our humanity as well. Get rid of gratitude, compassion and empathy are sure to follow. We need gratitude and the help of others.  The saying no man is an island is so very true. 

No matter how harad you work, you cannot have success without other people. Whether they supported you morally, financially or emotionally, we could not do it without them.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine contacted me about a publisher she was working with who was looking for some new fresh writers in my catagory. I jumped at the chance to have a publisher look at my work. Now things look good and are coming together rather quickly. This is so very exciting as I did not expect interest this soon. So, when she said she was looking for good science fiction writers yesterday, I sent out notice to my groups. The result is that I never know how many friends I have that writer science fiction! And after submitting several friends information to her, she said that if she likes their writing, she will put them on the fast track for publishing just as she has done for me.

If it wasn’t for my friend submitting my writing, I would not be publishing this soon. And now I have the chance to do the same for others. And it feels good.

But it is not just about feeling good. As I look at my life, it seems that good will, love and care for others is a cycle.  For example, my mother stayed up watching over me after a particularly bad day a few weeks ago. She gave her love to me through thaty action. Now as my sister needs a home away from home which to stage her next career move, I watch over her and make sure she has what she needs. It’s a beautiful cycle, and we could not survive as a society without it.

To me, life is a series of cycles, some better than others. As a a writer, it is so very exciting not only to have an opportunity to have my book published and distributed because of a friend passing my information along, but it is also so very exciting to do that for other writers as well. And when my friends and I all have books on the New York Times Best Seller list…we will celebrate each others success. And still, pass it on to others so they too can have the chance given nto each one of us.

Paying it forward just seems like a natural step since I have been so fortunate. Helping others helps ourselves, so helping cannot ever be truly altruistic. And that is fine, as long as everyone benefits. But always give back. Always help when you can. Because the life we have can change in the blink of an eye, and you never know when it may be you who needs the help. So when karma comes to visit, make sure it’s pleasant.

The Best Life

I have often written that  is so much fun being a girl.  And it is. so what could be better? Having your sister with you.

Yesterday we had the most fun shopping, trying on clothes and just being girls. Then after an afternoon of shopping, and many, many outfits and shoes later, we left and went home. My sister cooked us a wonderful dinner. And after we ate, was time to play. So we got the wine and chocolates, and all the clothes and tried on every different outfit combination that existed.

We stayed up talking until 2am, these two girls, these two sisters, making a great life. We shared thoughts, philosofies and laughter, chocolate and wine. Memories were made that will last a lifetime.

And that is the thing about having people around you that you love and who love you, they make your life better and sweeter.

And as I went to bed last night, it accured to me, that my life is better and sweeter than it has ever been. And right now, at this moment, I have everything I want. My dreams are coming true and I have wonderful people in  my life with which to share all the wonderful things. I have a wonderful close family with whom I can trust, great friends who are the my heart, a great career that I love, a job with a company I love, My father’s health is good and great things are happening with my book.

The issues right now are small ones: Getting the belt on my treadmill to stop slipping. Figuring out how to reach the outside light thingy to put the cover on it. And whether or not a truck rental is needed to move my nephew. But those are so minor, and life is so good right now.

I am truly blessed and so very thankful for the life I have been given.

More Than Just Yourself

It is funny how we settle for what is ecceptable to us, but yet we want more for those we love.  A very good example of this is my sister moving in with me.  The guest room has been fine for jsut me. But now that My sister is moving in, I want more for her. So there is a new blanket, new sheet and a new feel to the room.

My cupboard had enough for me, and even some guest. But for family, I want more for them. I want there to be more; better. I can settle, but those that are close to me should not have to.

And so it is with joy and excitement that I make my home a home for my family. As the cupboard is full, more towels are placed in the closet, clean sheets, lots of teas and yummy things for cool nights and long conversations that only sisters can have.

And that is how you make a home for more than just yourself.

Sitcom Moment #4,287: A Car Ride with Sheldon and Leonard

We all have those moments in life where we swear this cannot be real life, and that we are actually caught in a sitcom. Because if we were to see this situation play out on TV, we would laughing hystirically. This is my life. Constantly.

The most recent example was this weekend when riding back home with my sister and oldest nephew, both os which have genuus IQ’s.  They are both into computers, anumie, science and other such things. I am usually very quiet when the two of them are the room. And they started talking about something concerning computers…and how a man (who is rather well known in their circles but i cannot remember his name) got mad at Sprint and wrote them a check…out in a hugely complicated mathematical equation.

And they started to argue…

About whether or not the check written out in a very complicated mathematical equation had intigrals in it or not (I a m not even sure if that is spelled correctly).  A very serious discussion took place.

If I had not been driving I would have fallen asleep.

I think I should start introducing myself as Penny.