Tip Toes

A slightly strange thing about me; I walk in my tip toes when happy. Always have. And I have been walkin on my tip toes a lot recently. Life, while not perfect, is pretty amazing.

There has been much laughter with friends, a wedding, lots of memories, celebrations, stories, wine, late nights, toe nail polishing, hair cuts and color, cleaning, training h, hopes, dreams, realizations, jobs, writing, plans and trips. There has been seer tea and dinners, shopping, surprises, smiles, years, prayers, late phone calls, confessions, truths, lies and daysdreams. And through it all, I have carried every heartbeat, every tear, every minuscule yet nebulous bit of intuition.

And there have been sighs and secrets told. Confidences met and turned, as every part of me, every part of my being, surges forward into the future, into the unknown. Because, I know, in my heart I hearts, that where I lead is a good place, ful of everything that that is dated to be hoped, wanted, desired.

And yet I have let go if so much, it could fill a universe, but still does not even amount to a Tea cup. It is the paradox of letting go, breathing in, hoping out, feeling up and dressing down.

My sister has found a job, one that challenges and promises to keep her engaged, something vey hard to do with swine so brilliant. There are two kittens who are bottle fed, who put and play, bringing smiles with cute eyes, fuzzy bodies and little noses.

Mom and Dad are coming; another MRI, more prayers and we wait for good news. My nephew is settling in to his new home, with cooked meals, clean sheets and possibilities. Friends starting new lives, adventures and dreams.

And me, settling in to my new role, owning my role in the new skin. A leader to whom the torch is past. The time of fear and uncertainty is done, the time for strength and benevolence is now. A gentle but firm hand, fair in application, full of Grace is that for which I pray. Wisdom, patience, understanding and to be what is needed.

And hen there is the promise of he future. The job with so many possibilities, opening up before me. And him, with his familiar hands and voice that I have known.

And mostly because, all because, my heart is happy, I walk on my tip toes.


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