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The Speed of Happy

So I have been keeping a secret. A delicious, happy, juicy secret. Only a few people in my life know about this secret. Until now.

My landlord recently let me know that they are not going to renew the lease. Which means I need to move at the end of the year. At first I as panicked about this. I mean on the verge of tears and ugly cry kind of verge. I did not want to move, again. I wanted to stay put right where I am comfortable. But when God has plans for you, he will place you where you need to be, and take you away from where you don’t. And obvioously I am not supposed to be here.

And that is when things really started getting interesting. My on again boyfriend was given an opportunity that he could not turn down – keep your job but do it remotely. From Texas – his home and where all of his family currently lives. He took it in a heartbeat.

And then I am offered a contract where I can work mostly remote. And the landlords will not renew. And I can go anywhere. So I might have to go to Texas.

The truth is that I have been talking about getting out of my current state and having a fresh start someplace new now for years. Now that it is a possibility, it is scary. As in about to have a panic attack scary. Not in a bad way, in a holy crap, it could actually happen kind of way. And why is that? Why do we panic when there is a possibility of getting exactly what we want and for which we have been praying? I mean the man, the love, the new start, the new life? It is all right there, in front of me…

And I am incredibly happy. I have been laughing and smiling more this last few months than I have been in several years. And it is wonderful. An amazing. So why am I so terrified of getting what I want?

Life is short. Go after what you want. And maybe if your dreams don’t scare you, then you truly aren’t dreaming big enough. Maybe it is time to step out of my comfort zone and got for it, fast. That way you can catch up to the speed of happiness.