Out with the Ass, in with the New

It was one week until move day, when he woke me up at dawn and said this isn’t working. I’m sorry I hurt you. I have to leave.” And he did. As I sat up, I wondered if what had just happened actually just happened.

Did he really just leave a week before I was to pick up my life and move to Texas with him? And three weeks before my lease is up? Did he really just do that? Yes indeed.

No conversation about it, no telling me what was wrong, no discussing how to handle the arrangements I had made to move with him.

This morning there was a text. Could I send him all the Christmas presents I bought his 4 children? He would make sure he wrapped them and let his kids know that they were from me.

And then I went in to brush my teeth. Except there was brown gunk all over my toothbrush. Yep. He used it to scrub something nasty. Who does that?

I helped this man get and stay sober. I encouraged him to accept a position where he could move and be closer to his children. I bought Christmas present for all 4 of his kids and talked to him about making plans to get his entire family together for the holidays.

You know, I am a nice person up to a point. When you push a good loyal woman, you just deserve what you get.

So after a little therapeutic “purging” I will be busy packing and getting ready to move somewhere…And celebrating “in with the new” just in time for the new year.

It will be a new place, a new man, and a new year.


One thought on “Out with the Ass, in with the New

  1. Another bad pick on your part. I offered 2 be a stand for your dad because u have repeatedly picked loser boyfriends which u ignored. The silence from ur end was deafening. It might interest u 2 know that I have authored an award winning book on basically achieve happil ever after. In the book among other things I teach couples how 2stop fighting forever and how 2 have a love life beyond their wildest dreams. The best review on the book is by a licensed marriage counselor who credits the book 4 saving his marriage. The book us on the recommended reading list on the AASECT website. (American Assn of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists) I was recently offered a TEDx talk on the book. I think that this quakifies me to give u advice uf u choose 2 accept it. The common denominator is u.U can take my generous offer 2 stand in 4 ur deceased father or u can just keep on making the same mistakes. This a self-defeating behavior and the obvious question is y would u want 2 keep defeating urself? I have the answers. John Wilder

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