And I write…


I am determined.
Sweat on my brow.
Heart in my Throat.
I am at the starting line.

The sound of my heart
Pounds in my head.
Cheers ring in my ears.
They say I can’t.
But I won’t let them win.

I will defy all expectations.
All definitions.
All Doubt.
All Rules.

The naysayers will walk away.
Head Down.
My Will silencing them.

They don’t know the steel frame inside me.
I am determined.
My will pushing me to succeed
Down the hard
Road ahead.

Beautiful Torture

When I look at you can you feel my soul aching to be close to you?
Can you feel my heart beat faster at the thought of you?
When you stand next to me can you tell my pulse raises and I can hardly breathe?
My hands wanting to reach out to you?

I sit next to you and your hand gently brushes against mine
and it takes my breath away.

I hear your voice as you speak on the phone and all I can do
Is close my eyes and feel your lips on my body.
You have no idea the thoughts you inspire in my mind,
The feelings you stir in my soul.

It is a hardship to be far from you.
Excruciating ecstasy to be near you.
Beautiful torture to know I cannot touch you –

Someone Loved You Once

When you are alone
and feeling sorry for yourself,
remember, someone loved you once.

When you question
what life is all about,
remember someone loved you once.

When you are down and out
head in your hands,
remember someone loved you once

Someone thought the sun set
by your smile, and rose each day
to make you happy.

Someone was lonely
when you walked out of the room
and happy when you returned

Someone prayed for you at night
and couldn’t wait to see your face
kiss your lips.

Someone couldn’t wait to hear you sing
tell you about their day
and lay with you at night

Someone wanted a life with you
to live and raise a family
a life well lived and loved

Someone loved the way you looked in the morning
and smelled in the afternoon
loved to watch you when you weren’t looking

Someone’s heart beat faster
at just the mention of your name
and was not calm till in your arms

Someone wanted you
as a safe harbor
to keep secrets and whispers

So when you think back
at all the times in your life,
remember someone loved you once

Someone cried when you were gone
and wished you were safe where you were
and hoped you were happy looking at the moon.

Whatever truth you go forth to find
What ever road your mind leads to,
remember someone loved you once

Someone, can’t recall my name
as the years go by, but
someone loved you with their whole heart.

Little Slice of Evil

you are a little slice of evil
Of pleasure that ruins
all the reason out of my mind
and plays treason with the heart

You know I know better
and still your thoughts
your hands, your smile
your laugh invade my life

With all your temptation
of all that I want and have
yet to have, but ache to see
your lips with be the death of me.

You are a little slice of evil
that has captured my breath
in your mouth, only to hold the words
wanted to be spoken

You are a little slice of evil
As intriguing as an unopened box
gift wrapped and tied up with a pretty bow
I cannot wait to unwrap.

You are a little slice of evil that
calls across the darkest night
to stir a soul long asleep
and looking for my heaven.


And as I watched you sleep,
moonlight dancing across your face
how peaceful your expression
as your breath touched my skin

And I thought to myself
softly as not to wake you
said a prayer to the heavens
with all my heart

no matter where this goes
or if it ends
let me always remember this moment as perfect
And be thankful for it.

The Wonder of It All

As I lay with you and sleep
Had taken you over,
I watched the moonlight
Cradle the Curves of your face
I saw the the light dance across
Your body, the beauty of your form
Catching me by surprise
And all I could say
Was Thank God for That Day
That light and That moment
With you.

The Bench Warmer

There was an old woman
Sitting on a bench
In early Years she might
Have been called a wench.
Simple and plain
Of no social gain,
She sat on a bench next to me.

And as I looked over
her strong layered shoulder
I saw the lines of her face
And started to wonder of the
Stories and hunger
Seen in her days gone by.

And we sat in our silence
Strangers in our experience
Sharing a bench on a cold winters day.

Then she let out a sigh
And with a tear in her eye
She turned to me and smiled
Thanked me for my time,
Got up and slowly walked away.

I Don’t Want to Fall in Love With You Quickly

I don’t want to fall in love with you quickly.

I want to fall in love with you slowly.

Because your are exquisite, because your kiss takes my breath away, because they way you move mystifies me, because your mind is enticing, because your hands thrill me and your touch burns me.

Because you are complex and dark. And light and bold. And Smart and intriguing. And twisted and funny. And shy and sexy.

Because there are so many moments that take my breath way, that leave me longing, that warm my heart, that make me smile, that make me sigh, that make me happy, that make me miss you.

I want to slowly and purposefully, fall in love with you. Savoring every delicious moment, delicately caressing each second, quietly memorizing every fold in time, until you are mine.

Whatever Gets You Through

I can hear it in the trees
As he looks at me and coos
What ever gets you through baby,
Whatever gets you through

And in the darkness of the night
When Angels call your name
I hear the silent whisper
Of the heart I could not tame

And the longing stays within me
The turbulence untrue
Whatever gets you through baby,
Whatever gets you through

And it tears up the darkness
And wakes up the cold
As I feel his arms around me
But yet I cannot hold

And yet the daylight comes again
Peaceful in the Morn
No one would ever know
The rock on which I’m torn

See it in the mirror
Hide it from your friends
The restless that never sleeps,

The sleepless from within

And it howls at the moon
As I take a different queue
Whatever gets you through baby,
Whatever gets you through

Now cut it down to trade
Now wash it down the drain
Drink it up with whiskey
But the sameness still remains

Yes in the stillness of the night
A stillness that I never knew
Whatever get your through baby
Whatever gets you through


My Lover’s Chest

My Lover’s chest
is the perfect pillow
for which to lay my head
to feel a heartbeat, strong and true
to take the walls down and rest.

My lover’s chest is the warmth of a soul
a place of safety
to lay my troubles down
and have a tear wiped away
replacing what another stole.

My Lover’s chest is a happy place
where laughter lives
and late night talks
and where I nuzzle the chest hair
soft on my face.

My lover’s chest is where I sleep
warm, secure, safe and sound
where nothing can harm me
a place that envelopes me
and where my heart will keep.

My Lover’s chest is Heaven sent
reminding me of all the love
all the kindness in the world
that is right at my fingertips
it is comfort and contentment.

I want to Kiss You

I want to kiss you
In the rain, with the drops
Falling all over and in between
Us as your lips are against mine.

I want to kiss you
in the middle of the night,
Sleepy eyed, opened heart,
Moonlight shining in our eyes

I want to kiss you
In the morning
As the sun rises and a
New day starts in the world

I want to kiss you
On the couch while
Snuggling and watching TV
The cat purring in our laps

I want to kiss you
In a ball park
Maybe on the kiss cam
For all the world to see

I want to kiss you
Feel you breath mix with mine
And your arms around me
Tight, keeping me safe

I want to kiss you,
In the moonlight,
Under the stars, hearing the crickets
Along with the fireflies

I want to kiss you
In the mountains
On top of the world,
Because that is how you make me feel

I want to kiss you
Sweet and softly
Passionately, knowingly
Until we cannot kiss any more

But mostly,
I just want to kiss you.
Here and Now



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