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Simple Little Words

This simple little poem

that you shall not see until I let you

is just to say how wonderful

Life is now with you

You make my heart happy

when you hold me so very close

you make me smile each day I’m with you

And I enjoy this falling for you

Yes, I cannot wait to see you

hear about your day

I cannot wait to plan together

Whatever the next adventure brings our way

Wish I possessed the vocabulary

to truly communicate the feeling

but all I have are perfunctory words

which seem so small in comparison

But if I could write

the way you make my heart feel

No doubt they would be the sweetest

words ever written for another

but all the words I have to say

are so very simple and small

a confession of types:

That I love you

and that is all.

I Want to Fall in Love With You Slowly

I Want to Fall in Love With You Slowly

I don’t want to fall in love with you quickly.

I want to fall in love with you slowly.

Because your are exquisite, because your kiss takes my breath away, because they way you move mystifies me, because your mind is enticing, because your hands thrill me and your touch burns me.

Because you are complex and dark. And light and bold. And Smart and intriguing. And twisted and funny. And shy and sexy.

Because there are so many moments that take my breath way, that leave me longing, that warm my heart, that make me smile, that make me sigh, that make me happy, that make me miss you.

I want to slowly and purposefully, fall in love with you. Savoring every delicious moment, delicately caressing each second, quietly memorizing every fold in time, until you are mine.

Ada 12/30/2011